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Boyfriend Stories

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference

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This is a community where you can share endearing, funny, tragic or any kind of stories about your boyfriend/husband. It's open to anyone with a male s/o, meaning hetero, bisexual or homosexual relationships. A boyfriend is a boyfriend! Also, you married folks can feel free to post your husband stories, he had to have been your boyfriend at some point! And all you single people who have a story to tell are welcome to tell it too!

Rules to live by:

First of all, let's try to stay on topic. Write stories about your boyfriend. What has he done that's hilarious? What was the most romantic thing that he's ever done? What did he do yesterday that made you smile and go "AWWWW?"

Secondly, there's plenty of places on LJ where you can post quizzes, surveys or pictures. I don't mind if you post them here occasionally, but please post them behind a cut and please try to keep it on topic.

Next, please DO NOT promote your communities here. If you want to promote, try community_promo. I'll ban you immediately. No compromising.

Also, we love pictures! You and him, You, him, things he made you, what you made him! We love it all.

And last (but definitely not least) please put all long posts behind an LJ cut. That way we don't annoy anyone and their friends page with ginormous posts.

People to Love:

justlayentwined She's the main mod, and she can kick you out at any time. She's badass, watch out. But - if you know her, you know she's the sweetest girl, and totally in love with her man.

jenni_fer She's a Co-Mod, and she will kick you out if she think you're being an ass! She, again, is totally in love with her boyfriend. And the most darling person ever!

Thank you users for no problems to this point! You make this a great community for all =)

If you would like to share stories about your girlfriend, please join the my_girlfriend community!